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Samsung Galaxy Book3 Ultra Price & Specifications

Price : ₹ 281,990

Galaxy Book3 Ultra Spеcifications

Display : 16 Inch (40.62cm) WQXGA+ AMOLED Display (2880 x 1800)
Processor : Intel Core i9-13900H Processor
HDD : Not Available
Generation : 13th Gen
Graphic : 8 GB NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4070
Web Camera : Full HD 1080p
Battery : 76Wh Battery
Charger : 135W
Operating System: Windows 11 Home
fingerprint : Yes
Dimension : W x D x H (355.4 x 250.4 x 16.5)mm
Weight : 1.79kg
Keyboard : Backlit, Black with Number Pad
Color : Graphite
Warranty : 1 Year

Samsung has unveiled its latest flagship laptop, the Galaxy Book3 Ultra, aiming to capture the hearts of demanding creators and professionals. This sleek and powerful machine boasts impressive specs, innovative features, and a premium design, promising an unparalleled user experience. Let’s delve into its key aspects and see if it lives up to the hype, especially considering its price point in the Indian market.

Powerhouse Performance:

At the core of the Galaxy Book3 Ultra lies the latest 13th Gen Intel Core i9 processor, offering exceptional performance for even the most demanding tasks. Coupled with up to 32GB of DDR5 RAM and a blazing-fast 1TB (NVMe) SSD, multitasking and handling heavy workloads like video editing and 3D rendering become effortless. Whether you’re a creative professional, a gamer, or a data scientist, the Book3 Ultra has the muscle to power through your workflow.

Graphics Prowess:

For users who need serious graphical horsepower, the Book3 Ultra offers 8GB NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4070 graphics. This cutting-edge GPU delivers stunning visuals, smooth gameplay, and accelerated AI processing, perfect for designers, gamers, and anyone who relies on graphics-intensive applications.

Immersive Display:

The Book3 Ultra boasts a stunning 16-inch(40.62cm) WQXGA+ AMOLED display with a 3K resolution (3072 x 1920) and a super smooth 120Hz refresh rate. This combination translates to vibrant colors, deep blacks, incredible clarity, and buttery-smooth visuals, ideal for creative work, watching movies, or enjoying high-octane games. The display also supports Dolby Vision for an even more immersive experience.

Built for Creators:

Beyond the raw power, the Book3 Ultra comes equipped with features specifically designed for creators. The S Pen stylus offers natural pen-on-paper feel for drawing, note-taking, and annotations. Studio Mode optimizes performance for creative applications, while Samsung Second Screen allows you to extend your workspace onto a Galaxy tablet for enhanced productivity.

Premium Design and Usability:

The Book3 Ultra exudes a premium feel with its sleek, lightweight aluminum chassis. It’s surprisingly thin and portable for a powerful machine, making it ideal for professionals on the go. The backlit keyboard is comfortable and responsive, while the large precision touchpad ensures smooth navigation.

Connectivity and Security:

The Book3 Ultra offers a comprehensive set of connectivity options, including Thunderbolt 4 port, Wi-Fi 6E, and Bluetooth 5.2. Security is equally important, with features like a fingerprint sensor and Windows Hello facial recognition for secure logins.

Galaxy Book3 Ultra Price:

Now, let’s address the elephant in the room: the price. The Galaxy Book3 Ultra starts at a hefty ₹2,81,990 in India for the base model with Intel Core i9, 32GB RAM, 1TB SSD, and NVIDIA RTX 4070 graphics. This price point positions it firmly in the premium segment, competing with established players like Apple MacBook Pro and Dell XPS. While the performance and features justify the price tag to some extent, it’s definitely a significant investment for Indian consumers.


The Samsung Galaxy Book3 Ultra is a powerful and versatile laptop that caters to demanding creators and professionals. It boasts top-of-the-line specs, stunning visuals, innovative features, and a premium design. However, its high price tag might be a deterrent for some Indian buyers. Ultimately, the decision boils down to whether the performance and features justify the hefty investment, considering the available alternatives in the market.

Remember: This is just a starting point for your research. Before making a purchase, compare specs, read reviews from different sources, and consider your individual needs and budget to make an informed decision.

Please note that the price mentioned above is subject to change based on offers and discounts.

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